In 1999 I was a producer, director and writer on the infamous TV show FYLD,

which was broadcast on XTV on Kanal København.


The program was an interesting and unique hybrid of silly fictional sketches and very

corny highbrow analysis of the same silly sketches afterwards.


Nearly all sketches were written, acted and filmed by

Simon Uhl Nielsen, Christian Hagel-Sørensen and me.


The editing was done with Niels Christian Frederiksen.


Below are some samples from some of the better sketches.


Den Store Erobrer (The Great Conqueror)

Organ Bølgen (The Organ Surge)

Territorie Afmærkning (Territorial Marking)

DødsBo (Bo - Death Incarnated)

Julen Har Bragt Velsignet Slud (The Xmas Guest)

Forbrug (Consumption)

Natpatruljen (The Night Patrol)

FYLD i Fremtiden (FYLD In The Future)