Learning Games


I have worked on many learning oriented games and interactive projects with varied topics and technical implementations. Many projects were coproduced with different clients such as museums, broadcast channels, journalists, schools, film companies, architects etc.

The list of companies include Portaplay, DR, TV2, BBC, Red Barnet, SMK - National Gallery of Art, DONG, Kompan, Oceanariet, Forsorgsmuseet, Søren Robert Lund Architects, Post and Tele Museum, Borglum Kloster.

My tasks and roles in the projects differ, but here is an overview:

Game Design: developing and iterating on game mechanics, level design and puzzle design, visual scripting, script writing and editing as well as design documentation.

Visual Design: graphic design, illustrations, UI, video editing, story boarding

Quality Assurance: Internal as well as external testing with end users such as school classes and museum visitors.

Deadline Athen - Red Barnet

In this interactive project from 2016 you are a journalist who travels to Athen to investigate the story about refugee boys in Europe.

I helped design the structure, technical setup, editing and layout of the project.

You can find out more and play the experience on the Red Barnet (Save the Children) homepage HERE

Artmix - Faaborg Museum & SMK

In this interactive learning project from 2015 you can edit and remix old paintings and tell your own story. 

I helped designing and testing the app. I also did graphics by recreating and reconstructing the layers in each painting, so you can move the images around without creating blank spaces.

You can find out more and play the experience from links on Faaborg Museums homepage HERE

Pythagoras Nøgle - Faaborg Museum

In this interactive learning project from 2015 you can explore the architecture in Faaborg Museum and solve mathematical and geometrical riddles by examining and looking for clues in the rooms.  

I helped designing and testing the app and made the graphics. I created the intro reward movie, by recording myself slowly erasing the images and then reversing it, so it looks like the writing magically appears! 

If you go to Faaborg museum you can download and play the app for free from HERE

Artist Studio Unlocked - BBC

Artist’s Studio Unlocked from 2016 allows the audience to look around the studio of the leading British artist Polly Morgan, allowing them to decide which objects to look at and in what order. The aim of the project is to allow BBC audiences greater access to an artist and their creative space. Polly Morgan is one of Britain’s most exciting artists – using taxidermy as her medium she creates animal sculptures that are beautiful and haunting.

I helped design, editing and setting up the interactive hyperlink part of this pilot project for the BBC Homepage.

Unfortunately the experience is not online anymore. 

Project Iceworm - Planet 2030 

An interactive learning app where you can explore the secret underground US military base which was built in Greenland back during the cold war. 

I worked on prototyping game design, tech set up, editing and quality assurance.

You can experience the project and play it in a browswer (in Danish) HERE

Deadline Syrien - Red Barnet

This 2018 project is a follow up to the Award winning project Deadline Athens. In this new project you assume the role of a journalist travelling both to Denmark and Jordan to interview refugees from the Syrian Civil War.

I helped working on the technical framework, content pipeline and editing. I also went to Jordan on a research trip, for workshop and location scouting together with several journalists.

The project is live, and being played by Danish School children all over Denmark, and can be experienced for free HERE 

TV2 Mediaview - TV2

For Portaplay I helped working on the web and mobile app called “TV 2 Mediaview”. The purpose was to collect advertisement stats from different platforms and collect into one app, in order to give advetisers, agencies and sales staff an overview of ongoing and ended campaigns. Here users can  live-track their commercial and sponsor performance.

I worked on the graphics and quality assurance. 

Schoolyard Ninja - Fourhands Film

In this narrative driven fighting game you fight your way through the school yard to end up in the ultimate challenge against BoNaldo. But be aware of your inner deamons.

I worked on game design and quality assurance on the game. 

You can download it for free on Appstore HERE

Spor i Tiden - Svendborg Museum

I worked on game design and quality assurance on this augmented reality app for Svendborg Museum.

You can visit the museum and try out the app and read more about it HERE

Crimeville - Art of Crime

An augmented reality app for the story game universe Crimeville. I did some graphics and UI, as well as game design and quality assurance. 

The Aquarium - Oceanariet 

I worked on game design, graphics, video editing and quality assurance for various apps and experiences for the Oceanariet aquarium in Hirtshals. 

You can visit the museum and try out the many varied experiences HERE

Bortførelsen - Øhavsmuseet

I worked on game design,script editing and quality assurance on this augmented reality app for Øhavsmuseet, where you experience an interactive story about the kidnapping of the danish king Valdemar, while exploring Lyø, a small island south of Funen in Denmark. 

You can visit the museum and try out the app and read more about it HERE

Vikingekongens Grav - Viking Museum Ladby

I worked on game design and quality assurance on this augmented reality learning app for Ladby Viking Museum, where you can make a viking ship come to life in 3D through augmented reality. 

You can visit the museum and try out the app and read more about it HERE

HC Andersen Learning Apps - Kompan

A number of apps from 2014 for the play ground producer Kompan. All the apps are based on Hans Christian Andersens world famous fairytales. All the apps are available in 16 different languages. The apps include:

Read Along - where you listen to the stories and see the moving pictures.

Play Along - a rhythm action game where you follow the rhythm for the music for each fairy tale, and press the characters when they appear in beat to the music.

Pic2Word - where you can learn different languages by guessing the right words and images.

I worked on gamedesign, editing and quality assurance for all three apps. 

You can get the apps for free HERE (Google Play) and HERE (App Store)

The Third Dimension - Forsyning Helsingør

I worked on prototyping game design, graphics, UI and testing on this project for Forsyning Helsingør. The overall concept is to give employees, visitors, guests and schools tools to interact with the powerplants and better understanding of how overall supply functions in Helsingør.

The World Brain - Facebook Advert for Documentary

I worked on game design, editing and quality assurance on this interactive facebook advert for the documentary Google and the World Brain.

Dong Powerplay - Dong

I worked on game design, graphics and testing on this on site learning game for the company Dong.

Various Projects and Demos

Here are some images from various other projects where I worked on everything from game and app design, graphics, editing and quality assurance.