In Trickstog you can control a crazy train just like if it was a skating board. This gamejam project was created by three people in 2015 over an extended weekend at Vallekilde Højskole.

We did some additional polishing on the demo in the following months.

Trickstog Demo Download

Trickstog Themesong Download

The idea came from one of my coworkers who fantasized about this game when he was a child, so we decided to create the game in real life, with the mood and graphics inspired by how a child would go about making a game! 

I created most of the graphics as well as the soundtrack for the game and helped out with the game and level design.

Video Trickstog Performance

A video showing our presentation of the game at the end of the initial gamejam weekend.


Screenshots from the game, including some narrative diary screens, which I painted.

Concept Paintings

Here are some sprites and photos from the production of the game.