I worked as Art Director and Game Designer on the 90+ minute long demo of the historical adventure roleplaying game Snowfall. 

Developed by Portaplay,

The game takes place in Sønderjylland during WW2. You follow the young nurse Gerda, whose husband has been arrested by the Gestapo for doing resistance work.

The game is inspired by real historical events and is a character driven mature drama with a deeply branching story.

Together with the writers I wrote the overall story, invented and designed the characters, locations and environments for the game.

I worked with the artists on the ongoing art direction of the scenes and characters, soundscape and music.

I also worked on camera design, and helped design our own internally developed branching dialogue tool together with the programmers. 


Screenshots from the demo

Concept Paintings

Here are some early concept paintings I made during preproduction of the game. I