Art Performances


In 1999 I created two performances as part of some creative courses.

Below are some photos and the video documentations.

Performance Photos

Here are some photos documenting the performances

Lifeless Video 1999

Lifeless is a performance about a creature, which never manages to get out of its perfect egg.

The performance is from 1999 and lasted about 30 minutes. This edited video capture is 3 minutes long.

The performance took place in the middle of the entrance to the school I attended at the time.

For the performance I built a giant egg from wires and boble plast, placed myself naked inside it

(with light armatures attached to the arms to better show my movements)-

I also brought along a bucket of red paint to paint the insides of the egg!


Around the egg bags of trash were emptied to create a nest like feeling and bobleplast was placed

on the floor of the entire area, so everybody leaving and entering the school

made a lot of uncomfortable noise!

The music is by Autechre, which was played in the background during the performance.

Stripped Video Performance 1999

Stripped is a performance, which reveals what lies beneath the skin.

The performance is from 1999 and the process lasted about 20 minutes.

This 3 minute video is a documentation of it.

The performance was created by modelling a skull and plastering gelatine on top of it to create a skin.

The skull was then placed in an aquarium and hot, boiling water was poured into it.

When hot water meets gelatine, the gelatine is dissolved thereby creating the effect

of the skin lifting itself away from the skull.

In hindsight the gelatine skin could have benefitted from better and smoother application,

but it was pretty special to witness the live dissolving and revealing of the skull beneath it!

The music is by Autechre.