Broken Lines Expansion


I worked as Art Director and Lead Game and Level designer on the expansion for the tactics game Broken Lines, which released in 2020.

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Developed by Portaplay, Published by

The brief by our publisher, was more epic, more enemies - and Zombies!

For the expansion titled The Dead and The Drunk, we created a new side story, 6 new levels, a more pulpy and vividly coloured atmosphere, new weapons, skills and game mechanics and general improvements to the base game.

I designed and cowrote the story together with our writer.

Created design briefs and overall layout for the levels.

Gameplay balancing, flow and feedback for our level designer.

I art directed our tech artist and worked with ambience in the levels including setting lights and fog.

I did environmental art dressing such as props and vegetation.

I created concepts for new characters and props. I also did storyboards and editing on the cut scenes.

Launch Trailer

I wrote manus, recorded all footage and co-directed this expansion trailer. 

Loading Screens

I created these loading screens based on screenshots I took in the editor. 

Level Screenshots

I created these screenshots to showcase the ambience in the levels. 

Gameplay Screenshots

I took these gameplay oriented screenshots while playing and recording the game.

Concept Paintings

Here are some concept paintings I made for the undead creatures roaming around in the expansion.

The designs were based and modified on standard living characters in the base Broken Lines Campaign.