3D modelling


In this section you can see examples of models I have created in 3D, using the program Blender. Here you can see renders and animations from some of my personal projects as I expand my skill set in modelling, rigging, animating and rendering.

Ogre Model - Animations and poses


I designed and modelled this 3D model  from start to finish. I made concept drawings, modelled and sculpted, textured, baked, rigged and weight painted the ogre. Finally I imported animations from Mixamo to let him do a small celebration dance.

Witch Cabin

I designed and modelled this atmospheric 3D scene.

I made concept drawings, modelled and sculpted, textured, and filled the scene with a mysterious mist. 

Farm House and nature scenes


For these environment scenes I modelled and textured everything down to each indivudual grass straw, tree leaf and roof tile.

It was fun to explore how everything in a 3D scene can be built up from a fairly simple beginning to a complex finished scene, with hundreds of thousands of grass straws, advanced environment effects and realistic textures and lighting.

Medieval Castle


I modelled this medieval castle from the ground up. It required quite a bit of patience to get all the details right, especially placing the textures around all the windows.

Fishing Boat


I designed and modelled this fishing boat and the scene around it.

The goal was a cartoony and charming style with a few quirky details.

Ogre's Tower - animation and renders


I made a 3D version of a painting I loved as a teenager. John Blanche's Ogre's Tower - a very early Warhammer fantasy painting.

It was an interesting challenge to convert the painting from a 2D space to 3D and try to keep the overall aesthetic feel of the tower.

I modelled the tower over several iterations, then painted the textures using the vertex painting technique. 

The Lamp's Journey - Animation Clip


A short and cute animation of a lamp going on an epic and daring journey!

I modelled, rigged and textured the lamp, before animating and rendering the movie.

The Mech's Big Task - Animation Clip


A fun little animation of a mech testing out its gear before moving a heavy crate. 

I designed, modelled, animated and rendered the movie.

Modular Vehicles


I modelled and textured these low poly modular based vehicles following a tutorial but also adding my own ideas and details.

Generated Landscape Overpainting


I generated a procedural landcape in Blender, exported the image, as well as a clean version with isolated colours.

I then used Photoshop to add painterly details and effects.

Blender Renders

Here are some renders and references from the various projects including work in progress shots.