Broken Lines


I worked as Art Director and Lead Game and Level designer on the tactics game Broken Lines, which released in 2020.

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Developed by Portaplay, Published by

For the game we created a narrative driven branching campaign with 21 levels (and 10 tutorial skirmishes).

The game tells the story of eight soldiers crashlanding in mysterious enemy territory. 

I designed and cowrote the story together with our writer and directed the various voice actors.

Created design briefs and overall layout for the levels.

Gameplay balancing, flow and feedback for our level designers.

I art directed and tweaked on lighting, helping out with environmental art dressing.

Created concepts for characters and props together with the artists.

I also did storyboards and editing on the cut scenes.


Screenshots from the game, with or without UI included.

Concept Paintings

Here are some concept paintings I made during the production of the game. I worked on everything from level and landscape concept painting, character portraits, designing logo and initial UI, to maps and menus.