Work Experience

2012 - 2021                 Lead  Designer at Portaplay

At the Copenhagen based interactive entertainment company Portaplay I have worked on many varied interactive projects.

My functions have been as a lead designer and graphic designer, as well as writing, testing, audio and film making etc.

Check out the homepage for more info on our projects.

2011 - 2021                 Founder of company, Hands On Media

I have my own long running company, where I mostly do various illustration, concept and design commisions. I have worked and collaborated on a wide range of projects for a number of companies and museums. The company list includes: Portaplay, The Asta Experience, Apex Games, Carlton Publishing, The Post & Tele Museum, Road and Bridge Museum.

2010 - 2011                 Designer at Portaplay

I worked as a designer on a number of projects for the Danish mobile computer game company

2009 - 2010                 Technical Director at The National Film School of Denmark

Responsibilities: coordination of pipeline and production, recording mocap, creating mockups of environment & characters, designing the one take camera ride, render wrangling.

2009                             Level Designer at DR

Level Designer on a platform game for Denmarks Radios homepage (Game not yet released)

2008 - 2009                   Game play and level designer - Limbo (Playdead Games)

Main responsibilities on the award winning game Limbo: level and game play design, QA, design documentation

Check out the news, stills, beautiful teaser and game play video here:

2006 - 2007                   Live roleplaying teacher - Birkerød Ungdomsskole


5 hours a week I was a teacher in live role playing for kids aged 11-18.


1997 - 1998                  Producer, XTV (nonpaid)


Producer, co-director, writer of the TV series FYLD: a collection of fictional shorts on XTV.



Education and Courses

2022                              Digital Coordinator

Certificates in Google Online Marketing and Google Analytics

2013-2016                     Mads Rye Painting School

For several years I attended a weekly course in Oil Painting.

2010                              Printed Media course

A two months course in Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign.

2008                              SCRUM and AGILE course

A course in SCRUM and AGILE project methods

2005 - 2007                   IT-University, Copenhagen

Cand.IT, Media Techonology and Game line for Computer Games Design and Analysis.

Game designer on two DADIU productions: 'Kampen om Klumpen' and 'Hikikomori'

My thesis 'Tools in Game Development' is about using and choosing the right tools in game development.

2004 - 2005                   Medialogy, Aalborg University

Bachelor, Medialogy.

2001 - 2003                   Multimediadesigner, Københavns Tekniske Skole (CPH Technical School)

Multimedia design and communication

1998 - 2000                   Creative Courses, Københavns Tekniske Skole (CPH Technical School)

A range of short, creative courses.

Activities: project and concept development, painting, performance, video, 3D programs (AutoCAD, Maya)

1997                               Hillerød Kunstskole (Hillerod Art School)

Classical drawing

1996                               Holbæk Kunsthøjskole (Holbaek Art School)

Creative Arts, Activities: painting, video, performance

1991 - 1994                    Frederiksborg Gymnasium

Sproglig linie (Communications and language line)



IT Programs 

Adobe Package, Office, Blender, Cubase, Sound Forge, 3D Max, Maya, Autocad, MotionBuilder, Unity, Artrage

Google Analytics




Danish, English, German, French, Italian and Spanish



Interests and hobbies

Culture in many forms: Art, Movies, Music and Games - travelling, seeing, sketching, listening, playing and creating.