Work Experience


2012 - Present Lead Designer at Portaplay


At the Copenhagen based interactive entertainment company Portaplay I have worked on many varied interactive projects.

My functions have been as a lead designer and graphic designer, as well as writing, testing, audio and film making etc.

Check out the homepage for more info on our projects.


2011 - Present Founder of company, Hands On Media


I have my own long running company, where I mostly do various illustration, concept and design commisions. I have worked and collaborated on a wide range of projects for a number of companies and museums. The company list includes: Portaplay, The Asta Experience, Apex Games, Carlton Publishing, The Post & Tele Museum, Road and Bridge Museum.


2010 - 2011 Designer at Portaplay


I worked as a designer on a number of projects for the Danish mobile computer game company


2009 - 2010 Technical Director at The National Film School of Denmark


Responsibilities: coordination of pipeline and production, recording mocap, creating mockups of environment & characters, designing the one take camera ride, render wrangling.


2009 Level Designer at DR


Level Designer on a platform game for Denmarks Radios homepage (Game not yet released)


2008 - 2009 Game play and level designer - Limbo (Playdead Games)


Main responsibilities on the award winning game Limbo: level and game play design, QA, design documentation

Check out the news, stills, beautiful teaser and game play video here:


2006 - 2007 Live roleplaying teacher - Birkerød Ungdomsskole

5 hours a week I was a teacher in live role playing for kids aged 11-18.

1997 - 1998 Producer, XTV (nonpaid)

Producer, co-director, writer of the TV series FYLD: a collection of fictional shorts on XTV.

Education and Courses


2013-2016 Mads Rye Painting School


For several years I attended a weekly course in Oil Painting.


2010 Printed Media course


A two months course in Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign.


2008 SCRUM and AGILE course


A course in SCRUM and AGILE project methods


2005 - 2007 IT-University, Copenhagen


Cand.IT, Media Techonology and Game line for Computer Games Design and Analysis.

Game designer on two DADIU productions: 'Kampen om Klumpen' and 'Hikikomori'

My thesis 'Tools in Game Development' is about using and choosing the right tools in game development.


2004 - 2005 Medialogy, Aalborg University


Bachelor, Medialogy.


2001 - 2003 Multimediadesigner, Københavns Tekniske Skole (CPH Technical School)


Multimedia design and communication


1998 - 2000 Creative Courses, Københavns Tekniske Skole (CPH Technical School)

A range of short, creative courses. Activities: project and concept development, painting, performance, video, 3D programs (AutoCAD, Maya)


1997 Hillerød Kunstskole (Hillerod Art School)


Classical drawing


1996 Holbæk Kunsthøjskole (Holbaek Art School)


Creative Arts, Activities: painting, video, performance


1991 - 1994 Frederiksborg Gymnasium


Sproglig linie (Communications and language line)

IT Programs experience


Adobe Package, Cubase, Sound Forge, 3D Max, Maya, Autocad, MotionBuilder, Vicon iQ

Game engines: Unity, Construct 2D. Origo (Limbo engine), Source/ Hammer, Panda, Gamemaker, Flash



Danish, English (and a bit of German, Italian and Spanish)

Interests and hobbies


Culture in many forms: Art, Movies, Music and Games - travelling, seeing, sketching, listening, playing and creating.

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